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Playskool Transformers Rescue Bots High Tide Action Figure Robot Toy Hasbro Chop.Check our full range of great toys like Mr Potato Head and much more.

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The battle between good and evil gets an awesome twist with Transformers toys.

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Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots Join the Transformers for action and adventures across Earth and throughout the Cyberverse.

Included in this set are the large transforming race-car robot, 1 small robot friend, and gas pump friend.You know like how the IDW Transformers comics use characters from different Transformers cartoons.The powerful and speedy Reptron is always looking for adventure, but he still needs training and guidance to reach his full potential.

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If IDW did make a GoBots comic do any of you guys think the PlaySkool Go-Bots would be in it along side the OG GoBots.

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While utilizing a vehicle mode similar to the original Go-Bot cars, this figure has a much different look to its robot mode as well as.

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Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Bumblebee Figure:Kid-sized Rescue Bots figure looks like the Bumblebee characterBumblebee Transformer toy converts easily from robot mode to sports car. - Playskool GO-BOTS are Pure Love

His simple and durable design is perfect for young children to learn about the puzzle-like fun of transformers.

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A redeco of Gorillabot, presumably done because this is the form he usually used in the cartoon.This section is constantly being undated to accomodate new releases or those previously overlooked.The toy is your average Playskool Go-Bot - Chunky and easy to transform.

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Big array of 2002 hasbro playskool go bots takara reptron robot at hard to beat prices.

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Transformers: Go-Bots (one of several names for the series, but this is the one used longest), released through Hasbro subsidiary Playskool in 2002, was the third Transformers toyline intended for preschool-age children.Discover Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Capture Claw Chase, for ages AGES 3-7, and find where to buy this product.Presenting 2002 Hasbro Playskool Go Bots Takara Reptron Robot available for buying now on the internet.The Go-Bots and Transformers had radically different worlds and storylines, so saying that the Go-Bots are a knock-off version of the Transformers is inaccurate.

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Reptron teleported to a jungle on Earth, the perfect place to train using his powers.

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